Jazz ( 233 )

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Ralph ralph towner, gary burtonslide show1986United StatesM-LP8.99

RAY ray barrettola cuna1981USMLP19.99

RAY ray charlesdo the twist with ray charles1961USVG+LP14.99

RAY ray charlesthe genius after hours1985USELP9.99

RAY ray charlesthe ray charles story vol 31963USELP24.99

RAY ray charlesthe ray charles story vol two1962USELP9.99

RAY ray charlesingredients in a recipe for soul1963USVG+LP14.99

RAY ray charleslive in concert1965USVG+LP14.99

RAY ray charleslisten1967USVG+LP9.99

RAY ray charleslive0USVG2-LP Set5.99

RAY ray charleswhatd i say1962GT BRITAINVG+LP49.99

RAY ray charlesgreatest hits0USELP9.99

RAY ray charlesgreat hits of ray charles1964USVG+LP29.99

Red red norvopretty is the only way to fly1962United StatesNMLP12.99

RETURN return to foreverno mystery1975United StatesNMLP7.99

RETURN return to forevermusicmagic1977United StatesNMLP4.99

RON ron carterpeg leg1978USVG+LP6.99

Ruth ruth olay"it's about time" featuring ruth olay1956United StatesVG+LP8.99

Sarah sarah vaughanthe magic of sarah vaughan1959United StatesVG++LP9.99

Shirley shirley horni thought about you1987United StatesNMLP11.99