Jazz ( 277 )

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STAN christy, juneduet1954USAGLP8.99

Chuck chuck mangione feels so good1977United StatesVG++EP7.99

Chuck chuck mangione feels so good1977United StatesVG++LP8.99

Chuck chuck mangione70 miles young1982United StatesSLP17.99

CLARE clare fischersurging ahead1963United StatesNMLP49.99

CLARKE clarke dukeproject 21983USNMLP6.99

COUNT count basiethe dedication series vol xi1978USVG+2-LP Set9.99

COUNT count basiebasie0USVG+LP9.99

COUNT count basiekansas city 71984USVG+LP6.99

CRUSADERS crusadersunsung heroes1973USVGLP3.99

CUTUMAY cutumay camonespatria chiquita mia1987USVG+LP9.99

DAVE dave brubeck brubeck plays brubeck1956USVGLP6.99

DAVE dave brubeck two generations of brubeck. brother, the greatspir1974USELP9.99

DAVE dave brubeck two generations of brubeck1973USVG+LP9.99

DAVE dave brubecktruth is fallen1972USVG+LP9.99

DAVE dave brubeckearly fantasies1980USNMLP Box14.99

DAVE dave brubeck quarter25th anniversary reunion1977USELP14.99

DAVE dave brubeck quarterdave brubeck quarter0USVGLP5.99

DAVE dave brubeck quartergone with the wind1959USVGLP9.99

DAVE dave brubeck quarternewport19581958USVG+LP24.99