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peter peter gabrielpeter gabriel1977englandNMLP7.99

peter peter gabrielpeter gabriel1980usaNMLP6.99

peter peter gabrielpeter gabriel1982usaNMLP6.99

peter peter gabrielplays live1983englandNM2-LP Set9.99

phil phil collinsdont lose my number1985franceVG+EP5.99

PHIL phil collinsface value1981usaVG++LP6.99

phil phil collinsno jacket required1985usaVG+LP8.99

PHIL phil collinshello imust be going1982usaNMLP6.99

philip philip lynottthe philip lynott aalbum1982usaNMLP24.99

Police, police, thesynchronicity1983USAVG++LP5.99

Proffit, proffit, masonmason proffit wanted1969USAVG++LP7.99

Quatrain quatrainquatrain1969USAVG+LP49.99

randy randy californiakapt. kopter and the fabulous twirly birds1972usaVG++LP19.99

RICKIE rickie lee jonesflying cowboys1989USAVG++LP9.99

Rolling rolling stonesstill life (american concert 1981)1982USAVG++LP4.99

SAVOY savoy brownboogie brothers1974ENGLANDVG+LP24.99

Sons sons of abrahamtermites in his smile1997USANMLP9.99

Steve steve miller band, thesailor1968USAELP10.99

The the flockthe flock1969USAVGLP5.00

The the illinois speed pressthe illinois speed press1968USANMLP19.99