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Humble humble piestreet rats1975United StatesVG++LP14.99

Humble humble piehumble pie1970United StatesNMLP34.99

Hungry hungry chuckhungry chuck1977JapanNMLP11.99

Journey journeydream, after dream1980JapanVG++LP14.99

Crack crack the sky living in reverse2018United StatesNMLP12.99

Jimi jimi hendrixrainbow bridge1971United StatesVG-LP5.99

Jimi jimi hendrixroots of hendrix1972United StatesVGLP4.99

Jimi jimi hendrixmotion picture “experience”1972U.K.VG+LP12.99

Jimi jimi hendrixthe genius of jimi hendrix1974United StatesVGLP7.99

Heart heartheart1980United StatesVG++2-LP Set12.99

Heart heartmagazine1978United StatesSLP29.99

Heart heartdreamboat annie1976United StatesVG++LP12.99

Heart heartlittle queen1977United StatesNMLP9.99

Patrick patrick o'hearneldorado1989United StatesSLP9.99

Patric patrick o'hearnbetween two worlds1987United StatesNMLP4.99

bachman bachman turner overdrivernot fragile1974EnglandNMLP9.99

Bad bad companyrun with the pack1976GERMANYNMLP8.99

Traffic trafficwhen the eagle flies2019E.U.VG+LP14.99

Johnny johnny winterthe progressive blues experiment1969United StatesVG++LP19.99

Small small facesplaymates1977United StatesVG+LP7.99