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Billie billie holidaythe billie holiday story1977United StatesNM2-LP Set8.99

Bad bad companyrun with the pack1976GERMANYNMLP8.99

Paul paul hornaltura do sol (high sun)1976United StatesNMLP8.99

Isotope isotopebest of1977EnglandNMLP8.99

Imperials imperialsthe very best of the imperials1981United StatesSLP8.99

Incredible incredible string bandthe big huge1969United StatesVG++LP8.99

Incredible incredible string bandchanging horses1969United StatesVG+LP8.99

Iron iron butterflyscorching beauty1975United StatesNMLP8.99

Jade jade warriorkites1976United StatesNMLP8.99

Ahmad ahmad jamallive at the montreal jazz festival 19851986United StatesVG+2-LP Set8.99

Japan japanobscure alternatives1978United StatesVG++LP8.99

Jean jean michel jarreequinoxe1978United StatesNMLP8.99

Enid enid in the region of the summer stars1976United StatesVG++LP8.99

Joan joan jett i love rock 'n roll1981United StatesVG+LP8.99

B.B.King b.b.kingb.b.king in london1971United StatesVG++LP8.99

Kool kool & the gangspirit of the boogie1975United StatesVG++LP8.99

Huey huey lewis and the newshuey lewis and the news1980United StatesSLP8.99

Lindisfarne lindisfarnedingly dell1972United StatesNMLP8.99

Marillion marillionmisplaced childhood1985HollandVG+LP8.99

Manfred manfred mann's earth bandglorified magnified1972United StatesVG++LP8.99