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Twisted twisted sisteryou can't stop rock 'n' roll1983United StatesVG++LP14.99

Stanley stanley turrentinedon't mess with mister t.1973United StatesVG++LP6.99

Ike ike & tinawhat you hear is what you get - live at carnegie hall1971United StatesNM2-LP Set7.99

Tina tina turnertina live in europe1988United StatesNM2-LP Set9.99

Tina tina turner break every rule1986United StatesNMLP6.99

Tina tina turnerhelp (full length version)1984UKVG++EP3.99

Robin robin trowertwice removed from yesterday1973United StatesVG++LP14.99

Tropea tropea short trip to space1977JapanVG++LP19.99

T.rex t.rexthe slider1972United StatesVG+LP14.99

T.rex t.rex electric warrior1971United StatesVG+LP21.99

T.rex t.rext. rextasy: the best of t. rex, 1970-19731985United StatesVG++LP19.99

Tremeloes tremeloesshiner1974JapanNMLP19.99

Trapeze trapezemedusa1970United StatesVG++LP24.99

Trapeze trapezehot wire1974United StatesVG+LP8.99

Trapeze trapezethe final swing1974United StatesVG++LP14.99

Traffic traffictraffic1968United StatesVG++LP34.99

Traffic trafficjohn barleycorn must die1970United StatesVGLP6.99

Traffic traffic on the road1973United StatesVGLP4.99

Trace tracetrace1974United StatesVG+LP9.99

Umberto umberto tozzi greatest hits in concert1980HollandVG+LP4.99