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Alan alan parsons projectgaudi1987United StatesNMLP7.99

Alan alan parsons projecteve1979GermanyVG++LP5.99

Alan alan parsons projectpyramid1980JapanNMLP17.99

Alan alan parsons projectpyramid1978United StatesNMLP6.99

Alan alan parsons projecti robot1977United StatesVG+LP4.99

Alan alan parsons projecttales of mystery and imagination1976United StatesNMLP5.99

Zombies zombiestime of the zombies1974United StatesVG+2-LP Set19.99

Zombies zombiesodessey and oracle1969United StatesVGLP29.99

Warren warren zevonexcitable boy1978United StatesNMLP16.99

Warren warren zevonstand in the fire1980United StatesVG+LP4.99

Warren warren zevonbad luck streak in dancing school1980United StatesVG++LP4.99

Neil neil young & crazy horsesleeps with angels1994GermanyNM2-LP Set89.99

Neil neil younghawks & doves1980United StatesVG+LP5.99

Rolling rolling stones between the buttons1967United StatesVGLP22.99

Rolling rolling stones one hit (to the body)1986United StatesNMEP3.99

Rolling rolling stonesmade in the shade1977United StatesVG++LP11.99

Rolling rolling stoneseverybody needs somebody to love1970HollandVGLP4.99

ZZTop zztop legs (special dance mix)1984United StatesVG++EP4.99

ZZTop zztopsleeping bag1985UKVG++EP4.99

ZZTop zztopfirst album1971United StatesNMLP99.99