Pop Music Records ( 219 )

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Nana nana mouskourinana1965EnglandNMLP4.99

Pupo pupo piĆ¹ di prima1980ITALYVG+LP4.99

Diana diana rosseaten alive1985United StatesSLP4.99

Donna donna summershe works hard for the money1983United StatesVG++LP4.99

Donna donna summerwalk away collector's edition (the best of 1977-1980)1980United StatesVG+LP4.99

Umberto umberto tozzitozzi1980ITALYVG+LP4.99

Umberto umberto tozzi greatest hits in concert1980HollandVG+LP4.99

PAUL paul mccartneygive my regards to broad street1984USNMLP5.99

BEACH beach boysrare early recording0USELP5.99

CHRIS chris de burghfar beyond these castle walls1975ENGLANDVG+LP5.99

CHRIS chris de burghthe getaway1982CANADAVG+5.99

CHRIS chris de burghman on the line1984USELP5.99

CHRIS chris de burgheastern wind1980USELP5.99

SHIRLEY shirley basseysomething else1971USELP5.99

CHESTER chester and lester guitar monsters1978USNMLP5.99

CULTURE culture clubcolour by numbers1983USNMLP5.99

CHER chercher1987USELP5.99

JUDY judy collinsrecollections0USVG+LP5.99

BOBBY bobby darinthats all1959USVG+LP5.99

BONIE bonie tylerits a heartache1978USAVG+LP5.99