Pop Music Records ( 201 )

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BEATLES beatlessomething new1964USVGLP24.99

BEATLES beatles1967 19701973USELP19.99

Beatles beatleslive at the bbc1994USVG++2-LP Set29.99

Beatles beatles1962-19661973USVG2-LP Set9.99

BELINDA belinda carlisle belinda 1986USNMLP9.99

BOBBY bobby darinthats all1959USVG+LP5.99

BOBBY bobby darinthe versatile,a collection of his greatest perform1985ENGLANDELP19.99

BONEY boney mboonoonoonoos1981GERMANYVG+LP24.99

BONEY boney moceans of fantasy1980HUNGARYVGLP9.99

BONEY boney mnightflight to venus1978USVG+LP14.99

BONEY boney mtake the heat off me1976UKVG+LP14.99

BONIE bonie tylerits a heartache1978USAVG+LP5.99

Boone, boone, patthe romantic boone0USAVG+2-LP Set7.99

BRYAN bryan adamscuts1983USELP8.99

BRYAN bryan adamsbryan adams1980USELP5.99

BRYAN bryan adamsyou want it you got it1981USELP6.99

Buddy buddy grecomovin on1973CanadaSLP9.99

CHARLES charles aznavourautobiographie1980FRANCEVG+LP9.99

CHER chercher1987USELP5.99

CHESTER chester and lester guitar monsters1978USNMLP5.99