Rock ( 1704 )

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Van van morrisontupelo honey1971United States0LP99.99

Joni joni mitchellcourt and spark1980United StatesGLP9.99

The the stone poneys evergreen vol. 21967United StatesG+LP9.99

Strawberry strawberry alarm clockincense and peppermints1967United StatesG+LP8.99

Steve steve vaisflex-able1984United StatesG+LP7.99

Pink pink floyd the piper at the gates of dawn1967United StatesG+LP79.99

DOORS doors131970USELP12.99

GEORGE george harrisoncloud nine1987USELP7.99

PINK pink floyda momentary lapse of reason1987USELP22.99

PINK pink floyda nice pair1973USELP29.99

PINK pink floydthe dark side of the moon1973USELP195.99

ROGER roger watersradio kaos1987USELP19.99

JOHN john lennon/plastic ono bandplastic ono band1970USELP19.99

JOHN john lennon/plastic ono bandlive peace in toronto 19691969UKELP29.99

ERIC eric burdon and the animalsgreatest hits1970USELP12.99

ANIMALS animalsbefore we were so rudely interrupted1977USELP9.99

LAURIE laurie andersonbig science1982USELP4.99

LAURIE laurie andersonmister heartbreak1984USELP4.99

LAURIE laurie andersonosuperman1981USELP4.99

APRIL april winethe nature of the beast1981USE2.99