Rock ( 1944 )

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EMERSON emerson lake & palmerpictures at an exhibition1972USELP14.99

EMERSON emerson lake & palmertrilogy1972UKELP14.99

EVERLY everly brotherswake up, little suzie0USELP9.99

EVERLY everly brothersgreatest hits1977CANADAELP7.99

EAGLES eagleslive1980USE2-LP Set9.99

KINKS kinkslive on the road1987USAELP9.99

KINKS kinksword of mouth1984USAELP9.99

QUEEN queenbicycle race.crazy . little thing called love1978USAELP3.99

QUEEN queenwe are the champions.we will rock you1977USAELP3.99

QUEEN queencolling all girls. put out the fire1982USAELP4.99

CLIFFORD clifford t. wardgaye mono stereo1973USAELP19.99

Steve steve miller band, thesailor1968USAELP10.99

Hutchings, hutchings, ashleyson of morris on1976USAELP10.99

ALLMAN allman brothers bandeat a peach1972USLN9.99

CANNED canned heatboogie 2000 1999USLNCD7.99

KANE kanefebruary2004HOLLAND LN2-CD Set4.99

DEADMAN deadmanparamour2001USLNCD22.99

Faithfull, faithfull, mariannedangerous acquaintances1995UKLNCD9.99

ALICE alice cooperzipper catches skin1982USMLP9.99

DOORS doorsweird scenes inside the gold mine 1972USNM2-LP Set28.99