Rock ( 1910 )

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CITY city boybook early1978UKNMLP9.99

BOB bob geldofdeepin the heart of nowhere1986JAPANNMLP19.99

CHICAGO chicagohot streets1978USNMLP8.99

CHICAGO chicago101976USNMLP9.99

CHICAGO chicago191988USNMLP6.99

peter peter gabrielpeter gabriel1978usaNMLP6.99

CROSBY crosby stills and nashallies1983USNMLP6.99

CROSBY crosby stills and nashdaylight again1982USNMLP9.99

peter peter gabrielpeter gabriel1977englandNMLP7.99

CREEDENCE creedence clearwater revivalchronicle the 20 greatest hits1976USNMLP19.99

CREEDENCE creedence clearwater revivalbayou country1969USNMLP19.99

CREEDENCE creedence clearwater revivalgreen river1969USNMLP19.99

CANNED canned heatvintage1970GERMANYNMLP39.99

CALL callreconciled1986USNMLP9.99

ROCK rock pye yearsanthology of rock1985USNM2-LP Set9.99

CURE curekiss me kiss me kiss me1987CANADANM2-LP Set19.99

JOE joe cockerlive in new york1981AUSTRALIANMLP19.99

JOE joe cockercountdown1982SPAINNMLP9.99

JOE joe cockerluxury you can afford1978USNMLP6.99

JOE joe cockerjamaica say you will1975USNMLP19.99