Rock ( 1910 )

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FMUK fmuktough it out1989United StatesNMLP9.99

Frankie frankie goes to hollywoodwelcome to the pleasuredome1984United StatesNM2-LP Set9.99

Frankie frankie goes to hollywoodtwo tribes1984United StatesNMEP3.99

Frankie frankie goes to hollywoodrelax1983United StatesNMEP4.99

Free freefree live1971United StatesNMLP39.99

styx styxparadise theatre1981United StatesNMLP5.99

Rod rod stewartfoolish behaviour1980United StatesNMLP6.99

James james gangthirds1971United StatesNMLP8.99

T t rex with marc bolanthe greatest hits vol 11978EnglandNMLP8.99

Grass grass rootsmove along1972United StatesNMLP11.99

Gorky gorky parkgorky park1989United StatesNMLP19.99

grand grand funk railroadshinin on1974JapanNMLP24.99

Rarest rarest on earthrarest on earth1972HollandNMLP4.99

New new troubadourswinds of birth1974United StatesNMLP9.99

Golden golden earringsomething heavy going down1984United StatesNMLP9.99

ELVIS elvis presleymoody blue1977United StatesNMLP5.99

Suzi suzi quatroquatro1974United StatesNMLP9.99

Rainbow rainbowstraight between the eyes1982United StatesNMLP8.99

Grateful grateful deadhell in a bucket / west l.a. fadeway1987United StatesNMEP9.99

Grateful grateful deadfrom the mars hotel1974United StatesNMLP24.99