Rock ( 1852 )

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ALLMAN allman brothers bandeat a peach1972USLN9.99

APRIL april winethe nature of the beast1981USE2.99

BARCLAY barclay james harvestxii1978W.GermanyE9.99

faces facesohh la la1973United StatesVG+19.99

butterfield butterfield blues bandeast west1966United StatesVG14.99

Quicksilver quicksilver messenger servicethe ultimate journey1986UKNM14.99

Bruce bruce springsteengreetings from asbury park, n.j.1973United StatesNM19.99

Bruce bruce springsteenborn in the u.s.a.1984United StatesNM9.99

CURE curepornography2005USSCD34.99

CANNED canned heatboogie 2000 1999USLNCD7.99

DEADMAN deadmanparamour2001USLNCD22.99

ROXY roxy musicavalon1982JAPANVG+CD11.99

LENINGRAD leningrad cowboysmongolian barbecue1997EUVG+CD12.99

AYERS, ayers, kevinbananamour1992ENGLANDVG+CD15.99

Who, who, thethirty years of maximum r&b disc 21994USANMCD6.99

Bon bon jovinew jersey1988USVG+CD5.99

Rolling rolling stones, thelike a rolling stone1995USVG+CD13.99

Yes yesthe ladder1999USVG+CD7.99

McVie, mcvie, christinechristine mcvie - self titled1984USVGCD9.99

Les les rita mitsoukocool frenesie2000FranceVG+CD6.99