Rock ( 981 )

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jack jack bruce out of the storm1974ENGLANDNMLP12.99

CHICAGO chicago101976USNMLP9.99

CHICAGO chicago111977USVG+LP6.99

DOORS doors131970USELP12.99

CHICAGO chicago161982USELP5.99

CHICAGO chicago171984USELP6.99

CHICAGO chicago181986USELP6.99

CHICAGO chicago191988USNMLP6.99

Mark,Don mark,don and terry1966 19671972USANM2-LP Set27.99

Mark mark don and mel1969 711972USAVG+2-LP Set14.99

moby moby grape19841984usaSLP99.99

BEE bee gees1st1967USVG+LP14.99

BLOODROCK bloodrock21970GERMANYELP24.99

VLADIMIR vladimir visotsky21987USSRVG+LP19.99

IF if21970United StatesNMLP24.99

BEE bee gees2 years on1971USELP9.99

EVERLY everly brothers20 golden love songs0HOLLANDSLP15.99

BLOOD blood sweat and tears31970ENGLANDELP9.99

CHICAGO chicago31974USE2-LP Set9.99

TO to the power of three31988USNMLP6.99