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Ballin ballin jackspecial pride1973United StatesNMLP9.99

BAND bandbest of1976USELP6.99

BAND bandthe last waltz1978USNMLP Box39.99

BAND bandnothern lights southern cross1975USNMLP5.99

BAND bandrock of ages vol 21972USNMLP5.99

BAND bandstage fright0USELP14.99

BARCLAY barclay james harvestbarclay james harvest1970USELP49.99

barclay barclay james harvestearly morning onwards1972GREAT BRITAINELP9.99

BARCLAY barclay james harvesteveryone is everybody else1974ENGLANDVG+LP9.99

BARCLAY barclay james harvestberlin1982W.GermanyNMLP14.99

BARCLAY barclay james harvestbaby james harvest1973USVG+LP9.99

BARCLAY barclay james harvestface to face1987ENGLANDNMLP14.99

BARCLAY barclay james harvestxii1978W.GermanyE9.99

BARCLAY barclay james harvesteyes of the universe1979UK ELP9.99

BARCLAY barclay james harvestbest of1972GREAT BRITAINNMLP12.99

BARCLAY barclay james harvestonce again1971USVG+LP39.99

BARCLAY barclay james harvestlive1974ENGLANDNM2-LP Set34.99

barclay barclay james harvestand other short stories1971GT BritainVG++LP9.99

barclay barclay james harvestearly morning onwards1972GT BritainNMLP14.99

BATDORF batdorf and rodney life is you1975USVG+LP9.99