Rock ( 1911 )

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Lynyrd lynyrd skynyrd one more from the road1976United StatesVG+2-LP Set7.99

Lynyrd lynyrd skynyrd skynyrd's first and... last1978United StatesVG+LP5.99

Lynyrd lynyrd skynyrd gold & platinum1980United StatesNM2-LP Set34.99

Madness madnessone step beyond ...1979United StatesVG++LP19.99

MAGGIE maggie bellsuicide sal1975USVG+LP8.99

Magma magmaattahk1988EECNMLP24.99

Magnum magnumvigilante1986United StatesNMLP9.99

Magnum magnumkingdom of madness1978United StatesVG++LP9.99

Magnum magnummarauder1980EuropeNMLP7.99

Mahogany mahogany rush maxoom1974United StatesNMLP29.99

Mahogany mahogany rushchild of the novelty1974United StatesVGLP5.99

MAMA mama cassdream a little dream of me0USELP5.99

Mama mama cass elliotmake your own kind of music1969United StatesVG+LP8.99

Mamas mamas and the papas if you can believe your eyes and ears1966United StatesVG+LP19.99

Mamas mamas and the papasdeliver1967United StatesVG++LP9.99

Mamas mamas and the papaspapas & mamas1968United StatesVG++LP8.99

Manfred manfred mann chapter threemanfred mann chapter three1969United StatesVG++LP24.99

Manfred manfred mann's earth bandmanfred mann's earth band1972United StatesVG+LP9.99

Manfred manfred mann's earth bandnightingales & bombers1975United StatesVG++LP7.99

Manfred manfred mann's earth bandglorified magnified1972United StatesVG++LP8.99