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ERIC eric burdon and warthe black mans burdon1970USVG+2-LP Set39.99

ERIC eric burdon jimmywitherspoonguilty1971United StatesVG+LP9.00

ERIC eric carmeneric carmen1975USVG+LP4.99

ERIC eric claptonhistory of1972USG+2-LP Set4.99

ERIC eric claptonslowhand1977USSLP54.99

ERIC eric claptonaugust1986USELP5.99

ERIC eric claptonmoney and cigarettes1983USELP6.99

ERIC eric clapton461 ocean boulevard1974USVG+LP5.99

ERIC eric claptonthere s one in every crowd1975USELP5.99

ERIC eric claptonbehind the sun1985USVG+LP5.99

eric eric clapton with michael kamenedge of darkness1985ENGLANDNMEP6.99

ETHOS ethosardour1976United StatesVG+LP11.99

EURYTHMICS eurythmicsmissionary man1986USELP9.99

EURYTHMICS eurythmicshere comes the rain again1983USAELP9.99

EURYTHMICS eurythmicswe too are one1989USAELP9.99

EURYTHMICS eurythmicsthere must be an angel1985USAELP9.99

EURYTHMICS eurythmicstouch dance1984USELP6.99

EURYTHMICS eurythmicseurythmics1985GERMANYELP15.99

EURYTHMICS eurythmicsrevenge 1986USELP9.99

EURYTHMICS eurythmicssweet dreams 1983USELP9.99