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BLUE blue oyster cultspectres1977USVG+LP5.99

BLUE blue oyster cultfire of unknown origin1981USVG+LP4.99

BLUE blue oyster cultagents of fortune1976USVG+LP9.99

BLUE blue oyster culttyranny and mutation1973USVG+LP9.99

BLUE blue oyster culton your feet or on your knees1975USVG+2-LP Set8.99

BLUE blue oyster cultextraterrestrial live1982USVG+2-LP Set7.99

BLUE blue oyster cultblue oyster cult1973USVGLP15.99

blue blue swedehooked on a feeling1973usaVG++LP5.99

BLUES blues brothersoriginal soundtrack recording1980USELP9.99

BLUES blues magoosnever goin back to georgia1969USVG+LP19.99

BLUES blues magoospsychedelic lollipop1968USVG-LP4.99

BOB bob dylanself portrait1970USVG+2-LP Set14.99

BOB bob dylandesire1975USELP9.99

BOB bob dylanat budokan1978USVG+2-LP Set19.99

BOB bob dylanreal live1984USNMLP19.99

BOB bob dylanblood on the tracks1974USVG+LP9.99

BOB bob dylanhighway 61 revisited1965USELP14.99

BOB bob dylanjohn wesley harding1967USELP24.99

BOB bob dylananother side of bob dylan1964USVG+LP14.99

BOB bob dylanplanet waves1974USVG+LP14.99