Music Records on LP Format ( 1536 )

Artist Title Release Date Country Condition Format Price
DURAN DURAN duran duranthe wild boys1984USELP6.99

DURAN DURAN duran duranseven and the ragged tiger 1983USELP9.99

DYLAN AND THE DEAD dylan and the deaddylan and the dead1989United StatesVG+LP21.99

EAGLES eaglesgreatest hits1975USNMLP14.99

EAGLES eagleseagles1972USVG+LP9.99

EAGLES eagleshotel california0TAIWANVG+LP9.99

EAGLES eagleshotel california1976USVG+LP9.99

Earth Quake earth quakewhy dont you try me ?1972usaVG++LP9.99

earth wind and fire earth wind and firethat s the way of the world1975usaNMLP9.99

earth wind and fire earth wind and firespirit1976usaVG+LP8.99

ECHOES OF AN ERA BASIE GETZ AND VAUGHAN echoes of an era basie getz and vaughanlive at birdland1975USVG+LP14.99

eddie and the tide eddie and the tidei do it for you1984USNMLP9.99

Eddie Palmieri eddie palmieri lucumi, macumba, voodoo1978United StatesVG++LP29.99

EDDIE THOMPSON TRIO AND SPIKE ROBINSON eddie thompson trio and spike robinsonat chesters1985United StatesNMLP4.99

Eddy Grant eddy grantkiller on the rampage1982United StatesVG++LP4.99

Eddy Grant eddy grantgoing for broke1984United StatesVG++LP4.99

Egberto Gismonti egberto gismonti sol do meio dia1978United StatesNMLP8.99

Egberto Gismonti egberto gismonti dança das cabeças1977United StatesVGLP5.99

Egberto Gismonti Nana Vasconcelos egberto gismonti nana vasconcelos duas vozes1984United StatesNMLP8.99

ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA electric light orchestradiscovery1979USVG++LP7.99