Music Records on LP Format ( 1462 )

Artist Title Release Date Country Condition Format Price
EURYTHMICS eurythmicseurythmics1985GERMANYELP15.99

EURYTHMICS eurythmicsrevenge 1986USELP9.99

EURYTHMICS eurythmicssweet dreams 1983USELP9.99

EVERLY BROTHERS everly brothers20 golden love songs0HOLLANDSLP15.99

EVERLY BROTHERS everly brothersvery best of1970USVGLP6.99

EVERLY BROTHERS everly brotherswake up, little suzie0USELP9.99

EVERLY BROTHERS everly brothersa date with1960USVGLP6.99

EVERLY BROTHERS everly brothersgreatest hits1977CANADAELP7.99

EVERLY BROTHERS everly brothersthe new album1977UKVG+LP9.99

EVERLY BROTHERS everly brothersthe everly brothers greatest hits1974USE2-LP Set7.99

faces faceslong player1971United StatesVG+LP14.99

faces facesa nod is as good as a wink1971United StatesNMLP19.99

faces facessnakes and ladders1976United StatesNMLP14.99

fairport convention fairport conventionliege and lief1970United StatesVG++LP14.99

fairport convention fairport conventiongladys leap1985UKNMLP7.99

fairport convention fairport conventionfull house1970UKVG+LP19.99

fairport convention fairport conventionunhalfbricking1969United StatesVG+LP19.99

fairport convention fairport conventionrising for the moon1975ITALYNMLP8.99

Faith Or Fear faith or fear punishment area1989United StatesNMLP19.99

FALCO falco31985United StatesNMLP9.99