Music Records on LP Format ( 2654 )

Artist Title Release Date Country Condition Format Price
Eloy eloy planets 1981Germany VGLP30.00

Eloy eloyperformance1983GermanyVGLP29.99

Eloy eloysilent cries and mighty echoes1979GermanyNMLP19.99

Eloy eloysilent cries and mighty echoes1979GermanyVG++LP29.99

Eloy eloydawn1976GermanyVG++LP19.99

Eloy eloytime to turn1982W.GermanyVG+LP12.99

Eloy eloyfloating1974GermanyNMLP24.99

Elton John elton johnblue moves1976FRANCEVG+2-LP Set6.99

Elton John elton john17-11-701971EnglandNMLP4.99

Elton John elton johnsleeping with the past1989United StatesNMLP8.99

Elton John elton johnice on fire1985United StatesNMLP4.99

Elton John elton johna single man1978United StatesVG+LP4.99

Elton John elton johndon't shoot me i'm only the piano player1973United StatesVG++LP8.99

Elton John elton johnhonky chateu1972United StatesVG++LP9.99

Elton John elton johncaptain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy1975United StatesVG++LP14.99

Elton John elton johnelton john1970U.K.VG++LP39.99

Elton John elton johntumbleweed connection1970U.K.VGLP6.99

ELVIS COSTELLO elvis costello my aim is true1977USVG+LP5.99

ELVIS COSTELLO AND THE ATTRACTIONS elvis costello and the attractionsarmed forces1978USVG+LP9.99

ELVIS COSTELLO AND THE ATTRACTIONS elvis costello and the attractionsking of america1986USNMLP6.99