Music Records on LP Format ( 1404 )

Artist Title Release Date Country Condition Format Price
PINK FLOYD pink floydthe final cut1983USVG+LP14.99

PINK FLOYD pink floyddelicate sound of thunder1988USELP19.99

PINK FLOYD pink floydmeddle1971USG+LP5.99

PINK FLOYD pink floydthe dark side of the moon1973USELP65.99

PINK FLOYD pink floydworks1983USVG+LP18.99

PINK FLOYD pink floyda collection of great dance songs19810VG+LP12.99

PINK FLOYD pink floydrelics1971USVG+LP19.99

PINK FLOYD pink floydselections from the final cut1983USVGLP34.99

PINK FLOYD pink floydmore1969USG+LP9.99

Police, The police, thesynchronicity1983USAVG++LP5.99

pop poppop1977USVG++LP9.99

Praying Mantis praying mantistime tells no lies1981ENGLANDVG+LP24.99

Proffit, Mason proffit, masonmason proffit wanted1969USAVG++LP7.99

public image public imagefirst issue1978new zealandNMLP24.99

Quatrain quatrainquatrain1969USAVG+LP49.99

QUEEN queenbicycle race.crazy . little thing called love1978USAELP3.99

QUEEN queenwe are the champions.we will rock you1977USAELP3.99

QUEEN queenanother one bites the dust.dont try suicide1980USAVGLP2.99

QUEEN queenim in love with my car. bohemian rhapsody1975USAVGLP3.99

QUEEN queenlife is real.body language1982USAVG+LP4.99