Music Records on LP Format ( 2540 )

Artist Title Release Date Country Condition Format Price
CULT cultsonic temple1989USVG+LP29.99

CULT cultlove1985USELP29.99

CULT cultdreamtime1984UKELP14.99

CULTURE CLUB culture clubcolour by numbers1983USNMLP5.99

CULTURE CLUB culture clubmove away1986USELP6.99

CURE curethe head on the door1985USVGLP9.99

CURE curequadpus1986USVGLP5.99

CURE curethe top1984USELP19.99

CURE curejapanese whispers1983ENGLANDELP24.99

curfew curfewlet there be dark and there was dark1970USANMLP49.99

CUTUMAY CAMONES cutumay camonespatria chiquita mia1987USVG+LP9.99

Cyndi Lauper cyndi lauper she's so unusual1983United StatesVGLP6.99

Cyndi Lauper cyndi laupera night to remember1989United StatesNMLP15.99

Cyndi Lauper cyndi laupertrue colors1986United StatesSLP19.99

D ABO d abodown at rachels place1972USASLP12.99

DAEVID ALLEN daevid allenn existepas1979ENGLANDVG+LP19.99

DALTON AND DUBARRI dalton and dubarri dalton and dubarri1973USELP9.99

Damien Lovelock damien lovelockit s a wig wig wig wig world1988AustraliaVG++LP9.00

Dan McCafferty dan mccaffertydan mccafferty (alternativ cover)1975United StatesVG++LP12.99

Danger Danger danger dangerdanger danger1989USANMLP29.99