Music Records on LP Format ( 1743 )

Artist Title Release Date Country Condition Format Price
DAVID BYRNE david byrne3 big songs1981USELP5.99

DAVID BYRON david byrontake no prisoners1976USSLP24.99

DAVID CASSIDY david cassidydreams are nuthin more than wishes1973USVG+LP9.99

David Crosby Graham Nash david crosby graham nashwind on the water1975United StatesNMLP6.99

DAVID GILMOUR david gilmourdavid gilmour1978USVG+LP6.99

david rea david reaby the grace ofgod1971United StatesNMLP9.99

DEAD OR ALIVE dead or alivebrand new lover1986USVG+LP14.99

Dean Martin dean martinmy woman ,my wife1970USASLP19.99

Debbie Harry debbie harrykookoo1981United StatesSLP9.99

DEEP PURPLE deep purplethe house of blue light1987USVGLP5.99

DEEP PURPLE deep purplefireball1971USELP24.99

DEEP PURPLE deep purplein rock1970USELP24.99

DEEP PURPLE deep purplethe book of taliesyn0CANADAVG+LP15.99

DEEP PURPLE deep purpledeep purple1969USVG+LP19.99

DEEP PURPLE deep purplelast concert in japan1977GERMANYNMLP24.99

DEEP PURPLE deep purplethe royal philharmonic orchestra1970USVGLP9.99

DEEP PURPLE deep purplemachine head1972USVG+LP14.99

DEEP PURPLE deep purplewho do we think we are1973USELP19.99

DEEP PURPLE deep purplecome taste the band1975USSLP99.99

DEF LEPPARD def leppardpyromania1983USNMLP19.99