Music Records on LP Format ( 2331 )

Artist Title Release Date Country Condition Format Price
ATOMIC ROOSTER atomic roosterin hearing of 1971USVG+LP49.99

ATOMIC ROOSTER atomic roostermade in england1972USVG+LP44.99

ATOMIC ROOSTER atomic roosteriv1973USVGLP14.99

AXE axeoffering1982USSLP29.99

B.B.KING b.b.kingking size1977USVG+LP6.99

B.B.KING b.b.kingcompletely well1969USAVG+LP9.99

B.B.KING b.b.kingthe unexpected instrumental1984USANMLP49.99

B.B.KING b.b.kingl.a. midnight1972USAVG+LP8.99

B.B.KING b.b.kinglive in cook county jail1971USAVGLP14.99

B.B.KING b.b.kingthe best of1973USVG+LP5.99

B.B.King b.b.kingb.b.king in london1971United StatesVG++LP8.99

babe ruth babe ruthbabe ruth1975United StatesVG++LP9.99

BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE bachman turner overdrivehead on1975USVG+LP5.99

BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE bachman turner overdrivenot fragile1974USELP6.99

BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE bachman turner overdrivefour wheel drive1975USVG+LP6.99

BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE bachman turner overdriverock n roll nights1979USELP5.99

BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE bachman turner overdrivelive live live1986USELP8.99

bachman Turner Overdriver bachman turner overdrivernot fragile1974EnglandNMLP9.99

Back Street Crawler back street crawler the band plays on1975United StatesNMLP7.99

BAD COMPANY bad companybad co1974USVG+LP7.99