Music Records on LP Format ( 2589 )

Artist Title Release Date Country Condition Format Price
Moody Blues moody blueslong distance voyager1981United StatesVG++LP6.99

Moody Blues moody bluesseventh sojourn2015United StatesNMLP17.99

Moody Blues moody bluesa question of balance2015United StatesNMLP17.99

MORAZ BRUFORD moraz brufordmusic for piano and drums1983USNMLP9.99

Morton Subotnick morton subotnick4 butterflies1974United StatesVG++LP15.99

Motörhead motörheadorgasmatron1986USAVG++LP25.99

motörheadrock 'n' roll1987USAVG+LP24.99

Mothers mothersjust another band from l.a.1972United StatesVG++LP19.99

Mothers mothersover-nite sensation1973United StatesVG++LP14.99

Mothers Of Invention mothers of inventionwe're only in it for the money1968United StatesNMLP79.99

Mothers Of Invention mothers of inventionfreak out1966United StatesVG++2-LP Set29.99

Mothers Of Invention mothers of inventionpregnant1972GermanyNMLP29.99

Mothers Of Invention mothers of inventionmothermania1969United StatesVGLP14.99

Motorhead motorheadaftershock2013EuropeNMLP39.99

Motorhead motorheadmotorizer2008GERMANYVG++LP39.99

Motorhead motorhead no sleep at all1988EnglandVG++LP29.99

Motorhead motorheadiron first1982GermanyNMLP27.99

Motorhead motorhead orgasmatron1986United StatesVGLP19.99

Motorhead motorheadrock n roll1987United StatesNMLP49.99

mott the hoople mott the hooplerock and roll queen1972ENGLANDNMLP9.99