Various Artists ( 83 )

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aidan aidan bakergathering blue2009USNM2-LP Set24.99

ALBION albion dance bandthe prospect before us1977CANADAVG+LP5.99

Armstrong, armstrong, craigpiano works2004USMCD6.99

AVERAGE average white bandwarmer communications1978USVG+LP4.99

B.B.KING b.b.kingthe unexpected instrumental1984USANMLP49.99

B.B.KING b.b.kingl.a. midnight1972USAVG+LP8.99

B.B.KING b.b.kinglive in cook county jail1971USAVGLP9.99

B.B.KING b.b.kingthe best of1973USVG+LP5.99

BAJA baja marimba bandbaja marimba band0USVG+LP9.99

BATTLEFIELD battlefield bandon the rise1986USELP9.99

BLACKBYRDS blackbyrdsflying start1974USVG-LP4.99

BLACKBYRDS blackbyrdsunfinished business1976USVG+LP9.99

BRICK brickstoneheart1979USVG+LP3.99

BRONSKI bronski beatsmalltown boy1984USELP8.99

BROTHERS brothers johnsonlook out for n10US15LP24.99

BUCKWHEAT buckwheat zydecoon a night like this1987USELP9.99

BUCKWHEAT buckwheat zydecotaking it home1988USELP9.99

bud bud shank and the folkswingersfolk n flute1964USSLP19.99

BUFFY buffy sainte mariefire and fleet and candlelight0USVG+LP34.99

title= buffy sainte mariei'm gonna be a country girl again1968USVG+LP9.99