Various Artists ( 297 )

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Ohio ohio playershoney1975United StatesVG++LP14.99

Orchestral orchestral manoeuvres in the darko.m.d.1981United StatesVG++LP29.99

Osibisa osibisathe coffee song / keep on trying1976United StatesSEP6.99

Osibisa osibisaheads1972United StatesVG++LP5.99

Osibisa osibisawoyaya1971United StatesVGLP6.99

Otis otis reddingthe best of otis redding1984United StatesNMLP11.99

Otis otis reddingthe immortal1968United StatesVG+LP19.99

Otis otis redding history of otis redding1967United StatesVG+LP6.99

Patric patrick o'hearnbetween two worlds1987United StatesNMLP4.99

Patrick patrick o'hearneldorado1989United StatesSLP9.99

Pauline pauline oliverosaccordion & voice1982United StatesNMLP99.99

Pet pet shop boysplease1986United StatesVG++LP9.99

Pet pet shop boysactually1987United StatesNMLP11.99

Pet pet shop boyswas it worth it1991United StatesVG++EP3.99

Pet pet shop boysrelease2002EuropeNMLP49.99

PETER peter baumannromance 761976USELP14.99

Phil phil ochs i ain't marching anymore1976United StatesNMLP11.99

Philip philip glassthe photographer1983United StatesNMLP6.99

Philip philip glassnorth star1977United StatesNMLP7.99

Philip philip glasssongs from liquid days1986EUNMLP5.99