Various Artists ( 112 )

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james james browntake a look at those cakes1978USANMLP9.99

JIMMY jimmy cliffstruggling man1974USELP19.99

JIMMY jimmy cliffunlimited1973USELP9.99

JIMMY jimmy cliffwonderful world beautiful people1970USELP14.99

JIMMY jimmy cliffthe harder they come1972USELP14.99

JOAN joan baezany day now, songs of bob dylan1968USVG+2-LP Set9.99

JOAN joan baezdavids album1969USELP6.99

JOAN joan baezgulf winds1976USVG+LP5.99

JOAN joan baezthe contemporary ballad book1974USVG+2-LP Set14.99

JOAN joan baezblowin away1977USELP6.99

JOAN joan baezvol21961USELP14.99

JOAN joan baeznoel1966USNMLP6.99

JOAN joan baezjoan1967USNMLP9.99

JOAN joan baezwhere are you now, my son1973USNMLP9.99

JOAN joan baezheres to life1974USELP6.99

JOAN joan baezthe best of1977USELP6.99

Johnny johnny johnson and his bandwagonsoul survivor1970EnglandG5.99

Johnny johnny winterthe progressive blues experiment1969United StatesVG++LP19.99

Keef keef hartley bandhalfbreed1969United StatesVG++LP34.99

KING king sunny adejuju music1982USVG+LP12.99